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About I am we!

I am a prism of many things; a introvert, extrovert, secretive, and outspoken, altogether a perpendicular being. I find the darkness in the light and the light in the darkness. I judge others knowing that secretly I am judging myself. I walk in stride with the need to know the truth but tither on the possibility of lying to make others feel welcomed or to make me comfortable. A weed among flowers and the precious stone among rocks, I am a color with no name still deciphering the inner me. This journey will be the start of a forever evolving me and I encourage anyone reading to be open to the vast personalities of yourself and those for the many we have yet to understand. I am we!

Knowing, When to Know…

An unsurmountable heaviness beats down deep within my chest, it’s familiar. It isn’t a hush or a faintness but a shrilling sound that only ones soul can feel when time and patience begins to spiral out of control. The something … Continue reading

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Lost without a cause

In my mind I am a prolific writer, yet, my hands don’t write. Thoughts stream through consciously but immobility strangles the possibility of letters composed to tell a story. The world confounds me, my desires are set high upon a … Continue reading

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New to the world of blogging.

I always heard of the phrase “blogging” but I never thought that it was something that I would end up doing. It all began with my Business Information Systems class. We all had to pick a technology to do a … Continue reading

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