New to the world of blogging.

I always heard of the phrase “blogging” but I never thought that it was something that I would end up doing. It all began with my Business Information Systems class. We all had to pick a technology to do a six page research paper on. I have always wanted to be a writer but I never knew exactly what I wanted to write about, usually I would just write about what is going on in my life – in a journal of course. It was no surprise that blogging would be an avenue that I would venture. In order for me to really learn about this vehicle I figured, why not start my own blog. I had not taken the time to read anyone’s blog other than a casual breeze through of the Huffington Post. I had seen a blog on Myspace before from other friends and I always thought I had a pretty interesting life, shouldn’t I try to blog? I realized after reading so many depressing blogs that I didn’t need to add to the piling stench of misery. It is five years later and now the promise of interacting with the thoughts of others and sharing my own, the prospect of starting a blog is more alluring. I write for my college’s newspaper as an opinion writer, although I haven’t been inspired to write anything lately maybe now is the time. I have exhausted any thought of writing about the political atmosphere in our country because people are insane with detest that we have failed to look in the mirror and realize maybe we are all apart of the cause and apart of the solution. A well collected sigh relives the stress of having to think about it all so for now I will leave it at that. I hope to learn from the other bloggers here. I am blog ready with growth ahead of me. My News Writing professor says, “The more you write the better!”


About I am we!

I am a prism of many things; a introvert, extrovert, secretive, and outspoken, altogether a perpendicular being. I find the darkness in the light and the light in the darkness. I judge others knowing that secretly I am judging myself. I walk in stride with the need to know the truth but tither on the possibility of lying to make others feel welcomed or to make me comfortable. A weed among flowers and the precious stone among rocks, I am a color with no name still deciphering the inner me. This journey will be the start of a forever evolving me and I encourage anyone reading to be open to the vast personalities of yourself and those for the many we have yet to understand. I am we!
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